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Make Some Noise with Raphi Salem (E20)

Make Some Noise with Raphi Salem (E20)

Raphi Salem sat down for an extensive interview about high school, religion, New York and… of course… music. It went on for hours. Problem is – our LTNF show is a one-hour show. Hmmm. This is beginning to be a habit (see Cork Burroughs Alabama Race Henrix and Brown), but we’re going to break this up into two shows. So this is part one – and it is a tour de force look at the music of Raphi’s life that started in high school. Beasties, Byrne, Rush, Tull, Clapton – this is a walk through a forest of rock and roll – when those words really meant something. Let’s Make Some Noise, shall we?

The Things You Learn Upon Reflection

Sure, we lived through these songs. They made up our youth, provided the backdrop for our lives. But what did we know at the time about these songs?

For me one of the joys of making LTNF is doing the homework, the prep… cramming before the test that is the actual interview. The discoveries are sometimes astonishing, like – David Byrne hired Johnny Marr for his song Nothing But Flowers. 20+ A-level Hollywood stars made a 30 minute Beastie Boys movie in 2011. Steely Dan’s FM was made for a movie, but was recorded in the now famous Aja studio sessions (see documentary below). Get it all in this episode— Make Some Noise with Raphi Salem (LTNF E20).

Puck – Puck Building NYC

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The Playlist

Tracks included in order of appearance.

SongArtist / AlbumYear
FMSteely Dan / A Decade of Steely Dan1978
Spirit of RadioRUSH / Permanent Waves1980
Make Some NoiseBeastie Boys / Hot Sauce Committee Part Two2011
My GodJethro Tull / Aqualung1971
The CoreEric Clapton / Slowhand1977
Nothing But FlowersDavid Byrne / Here We Stand1988
Playlist: Raphi Salem


Raphi’s music centers around the year 1980 as you can see from our LEST-OMETER below. Yep – that’s how we roll around here… the very latest in music technology!!


Video References

I want to share my appreciation for you. For listening with an open mind. For comments and thoughts. For advice and suggestions. I am very pleased to go on these musical journeys each week knowing you are there to appreciate stand out music from inspired musicians.

Make Some Noise

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