Blue_Note_Jazz_Club_New_York_CityJAZZ. MUSIC. LIFE.

What is Jazz?

We know… and yet we don’t. It moves. Changes. Evolves. We hear it all the time yet we may not recognize it. It’s a life-long pursuit… understanding this thing.

Jazz Here at LTNF

At Lester the Nightfly we keep circling the topic with artists like Ceclie McLorin Salvant, David Kikoski, Brandi Disterheft, Tony Glausi… to name a few.  No. Not enough. Never enough. See the work we do here in this jazz archive as is grows and develops and becomes something of note.

This is an ever-growing collection. Check back with some frequency to catch up on what we are up to on jazz at Lester the Nightfly.

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