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Transgender & Music (S2 | E94)


Transgender & Music (S2 | E94)

Jen & Graham were a pair since college. And then the news: Graham came to the realization that they were transgender. Eight years later we have an eye-opening glam rock album that tells the story.

Inspired by Jen’s partner’s (Graham) announcement of a new identity as transgender, SHe Said examines gender, partnership, and love, given somewhat earth-shattering developments. What would have likely destroyed most marriages became a catalyst for a lot of personal growth… and a new record.

SHe Said with Jen Ayers

Jen Ayers is a vocal dynamo with a throat of gold, pianist, songwriter and recording artist. She’s performed thousands of shows nationwide, fronting Seattle-based band Honey Tongue and shared bills with the likes of Jack Johnson, Tom Petty and Bill Frisell.

Her powerhouse vocals and electric stage performances have earned invitations to sing across the U.S., including the National Anthem at NBA/MLB games, Led Zeppelin for “Bonzo’s Celebration Day” (with members of Heart, REM, Pearl Jam) and “House of Thee Unholy” – Broadway-level burlesque at Seattle’s Triple Door, and most recently appearing with Dave Matthews at Seattle’s Moore Theater for SMASH. Jen is a frequent guest singer in high-profile gigs across the Northwest and currently fronts Wild Rumours – A Fleetwood Mac Experience.

Jen Ayers

Since 2012

Since 2012, Jen has also been performing at Teatro Zinzanni. First in “Return To Paradise,” which enabled her to dabble in the things she loves most: singing, acting and dancing. She even spun from a cirque cage while performing Honey Tongue’s original song “I Wanna Go.” Then, in “Be Italian” and “Hollywood And Vine,” she brought the character of Donatella DiMarco to life – a feisty Italian New-Jersey born chanteuse.

She also collaborated with Zinzanni to develop “Big Top Rock: Dream On,” a Rock ‘N Roll Family Show in which she played the role of the Blondie-esque Jenny Jupiter alongside the rest of her Dream On band members. And subsequently starred in “Big Top Rock: Rock This Way” as Donatella with an all-star band (Hans Teuber, Keith Lowe Igor Abuladze and Jose Martinez).

Jen’s following up her debut solo CD “Every Day Is A Parade,” with “SHe Said”, a concept album and theatrical production about gender identity and transition. 

The “SHe Said” show directed by Daryle Conners hits the stage 10/6, 10/7, 10/8 and 10/9/22 at Seattle’s Broadway Performance Hall and will feature Jen, Marc Kenison (aka Waxie Moon),  a grand piano, a live band (Kathy Moore, Rebecca Young, Melissa Montalto, Geoff Reading and RL Heyer) and a multimedia mash-up of 70s animation, soul-pop, glam rock and “The Moth” all rolled into one.

The “SHe Said” double album, produced by Jeff Fielder, released on limited edition vinyl, CD and digital platforms September, 9 2022.


Giulio Gari Competition Performance

Giulio Gari Competition Performance


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