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Taylor’s Awesome Grandpa (S3 | E109)


Taylor’s Awesome Grandpa on The Lester The Nightfly Radio Show

The LTNF Interview | Part 2

Many of the influences behind Taylor’s own music, and the songs on his playlist this week, can be traced back to his dad and grandad. Grandpa has a big stereo system in the basement. Taylor recalled in this part two of our interview series, sitting with his grandfather surrounded by CDs and vinyl spending hours listening, chatting, exploring music of all kinds I love this picture!!! The new generation being informed on worthwhile music from the elders. Dads/ Grandads. Moms and Grandmums.

And the legacy of Taylor’s Awesome Grandpa, today, reaches… you. When you listen to this show and Episode One with Taylor Watkins, you gain the knowledge of another generation. Well done you!

Here’s to Taylor’s Awesome Grandpa, this week on Lester the Nightfly.

About Watkins

Click here to read an eye-opening article written by Talor as published in CanvasRebel Magazine.

“With a desire to open the mind of the modern music scene, Watkins brings flavors of Post-Grunge and Alternative Rock with a Psychedelic-Pop attitude. Watkins, has created a grassroots following in his travels across the country, known for his acoustic guitar picking and soul-packed vocal performance. His lyrics showcase the spiritual journey taken during the writing process, distilled through years of living on the road. From Teton Valley to the Blue Ridge Mountains, Watkins is bringing (what he calls) ‘Psychedelic Southern’ to the masses. Sophomore album Unbiased Eyes showcases these universal reflections in songs such as Sad Happy and Lovely Scares.”

Taylor Watkins

Taylor’s Awesome Grandpa (3 | E109)

NarcolepsyThird Eye BlindThird Eye Blind1997
Semi-Charmed LifeThird Eye BlindThird Eye Blind1997
JumperThird Eye BlindThird Eye Blind1997
Quick, Painless and Easy*IvyMy Apartment Life1997
Tune OutThe FormatInterventions and Lullabies2003
Losing KeysJack JohnsonSleep Through the Static2008
NumbersG. Love & Special SaucePhiladelphonic1999
Strange VineDelta SpiritOde to Sunshine2007
Mather KnollPinegroveEverything So Far2015
NocturnalWatkinsInterstate of Mind2018
Dirty Back Road*B-52’sPlanet Claire1995
Jah Werx*SustoAnd I’m Fine Today2017
Wasted MindSustoAnd I’m Fine Today2017
Sad HappyWatkinsUnbiased Eyes2021
Taylor Watkins, *PJ Ewing


Giulio Gari Competition Performance

Giulio Gari Competition Performance

Giulio Gari Competition Performance

Giulio Gari Competition Performance

Giulio Gari Competition Performance


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DJ and radio personality PJ Ewing is the host of Lester the Nightfly.

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  1. Mason

    Amazing job this is great!!!

  2. Mary

    Loved this musical adventure this show wonderful show has taken me in!! Loved every song! Taylor really appreciated your authenticity!! Thank you PJ for taking me down a whole new road with this music! Wonderful!!

    1. PJ

      Mary – I’ll make sure Taylor gets your message! I lucked into this interview thanks to WPVM 103.7 in Asheville – and wow am I glad for that. PJ

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