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The growl of the electric guitar provides such a backdrop for a female lead vocal. It’s been in vogue for 50+ years. And there is no dearth of new entries into this genre with new girl bands coming out with work each week. As I look at the playlist I am inclined to just call this Girl-Rock I as there is so so much more to share.

Excited to share brand spanking new music from Let’s Eat Grandma, Girl Ultra (two tracks), Magdalena Bay, Chaka Gettz, THICK, and Momma. Equally happy to relive the music of LUSH, The Sundays, The Primitives, The Pretenders, and Juliana Hatfield.


The Mexican singer Girl Ultra has been making liquid-cool R&B for a lot of her career, but her latest track “Punk” represents an exciting sonic turn: She teams up with the indie band Little Jesus from Mexico City and launches into a  stewing overcast alt-rock track that’s quiet, intense, and endlessly catchy, all while pulling her toward refreshing new territory.

Her hushed vocals build up to a chorus, boosted by Little Jesus, that’s brightened by synth twinkles and the artists’ gauzy sense of harmony. The video, which was directed by GRLS (Lucca Necoechea and Diego Andlovin), drew inspiration from the south side of Mexico City, where bright, highly saturated cameras follow Girl Ultra and Little Jesus as they wander around at night. Eventually, the two meet up and dive into the adrenaline-soaked guitar chords of the song.

The Playlist

Song NameArtistAlbumYear
My Finest HourThe SundaysReading Writing & Arithmetic1980
BOMBAYGirl UltraEl Sur2022
ChaeriMagdalena BayChaeri2022
Burnham BeachesLushBlind Spot2016
Incinerate for K.G.CHAKA GETTZIncinerate for K.G.2022
Way Behind MeThe PrimitivesThe Primitives1988
Everybody Loves Me But YouJuliana HatfieldHey Babe1992
Long Day in the UniverseThe Darling BudsErotica1990
Message of LoveThe PretendersMessage of Love1991
Strange ConversationsLet’s Eat GrandmaTwo Ribbons2022
Love You ForeverTHICKLove You Forever2022
My Sister (Live)Juliana HatfieldLive on KEXP2015
Playlist: PJ Ewing


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