1985 with Valerie Rose Lohman (S2 | E92)


1985 with Valerie Rose Lohman (S2 | E92)

Voiceover, Musical Producer, Singer, Audiobook Narrator: The World of Valerie Rose Lohman


First things first. I am protesting this show. Right here. Right now. This VRL has NO BUSINESS appropriating my favorite year of music and using it for her own purposes! None. She wasn’t even BORN then. That was MY 20th year. And I was a Junior at the University of Michigan. And, well… that’s my music!!!!! (exclaimed with a slightly hysterical shriek.).

OK. That off my chest. We can proceed with the show. The word for this one is PACKED. Chock-filled (never quite knew what that meant TBH) with high energy, exciting and interesting music. This is one show that delivers the goods. Check it out at the link on this page.

Valerie Rose Lohman

Valerie (she/they), also known by VRL, is an LA-based voice actor, musician, and creative. 

They rose to prominence in VO after receiving a BAFTA Nomination for playing Edith Finch in the critically acclaimed What Remains of Edith Finch. They have also starred in Wolfenstein: YoungbloodTower of GodSmite, and many more. 

She will be releasing her debut EP this year. 

Valerie Rose Lohman


Dorothy Miranda Clark (born 11 April 1995), known mononymously as Dodie (stylised dodie), is an English singer, songwriter, author and YouTuber. Dodie began her career uploading original songs and covers to YouTube. She has over 210 videos, over 2 million subscribers and over 404 million views on her main channel (as of May 2022). On her side channel, she has over 190 videos, over 910k subscribers and over 98 million views.

Dodie has released three independent EPs—Intertwined (2016), You (2017) and Human (2019)—all of which charted within the top 40 of the official UK Albums Chart. Her debut studio album, Build a Problem, was released in 2021 and peaked at number 3 on the UK Albums Chart.


Giulio Gari Competition Performance



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