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Adapt or Die | Everything But the Girl (S3 | E147)

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The all-too-brief period in the late 1990s when Everything But The Girl stopped being slightly electronic and very jazz-folky, and switched to being very electronic and only slightly jazz-folky, seems a very long time ago now. After just two albums and a handful of singles, it ended properly in 2005 with the compilation Adapt or Die – Ten Years of Remixes.

If you are not familiar with EBTG, then consider their vibe-cousin bands: Massive Attack, Tricky, The Style Council, Aztec Camera, I’ve even read that Swing Out Sister might find their way into that club… maybe.

This is Part II – the complement to our Part I. And, of course, we’re not done quite yet. There are some gems left over for part three next week.

Everything But the Girl

Everything But the Girl are an English musical duo formed in Kingston upon Hull in 1982, consisting of lead singer, songwriter, composer and occasional guitarist Tracey Thorn and guitarist, keyboardist, songwriter, composer, producer and singer Ben Watt. The group’s early works have been categorized as sophisti-pop with jazz influences before undergoing an electronic turn following the worldwide success of the 1994 hit single “Missing”, remixed by Todd Terry.

In the early years (1980s): Everything But the Girl initially started as a folk and jazzy pop duo. Their early music was characterized by Tracey Thorn’s distinctive smoky vocals and Ben Watt’s intricate acoustic guitar work. Albums like “Eden” (1984) and “Love Not Money” (1985) featured folk and jazz influences with emotionally charged lyrics.

Everything But the Girl’s music is often described as a fusion of different genres, blending pop, folk, jazz, and electronic elements over the years. What remains constant throughout their discography is the emotional depth in their lyrics and the distinctive voice of Tracey Thorn. Their ability to evolve and adapt their style while maintaining their core identity is a testament to their versatility and musical creativity.

From 1982, Thorn concentrated on her studies and her growing personal and professional relationship with fellow Hull student Ben Watt (who had contributed the photograph for the front cover of Lazy Ways). They formed their own musical project, Everything But The Girl, and their first single included a re-recording of the Marine Girls song, “On My Mind”. We include some Marine Girls to start our set this week.

Below pix of some of these incredible DJ’s: DJ Jazzy Jeff, Dave Wallace, Ben Watt, John Ciafone, & Todd Terry.


ProtectionMassive AttackNo Protection1994
MissingEverything But the GirlAmplified Heart1994
Missing (Remix)Everything But the Girl, Todd Terry Club RemixAdapt or Die: 10 Years or Remixes1994/2005
Walking WoundedEverything But the GirlAmplified Heart1996
Walking WoundedEverything But the Girl / Dave Wallace RemixAdapt or Die: 10 Years or Remixes1994/2005
MirrorballEverything But the GirlWalking Wounded1996
MirrorballEverything But the Girl / DJ Jazzy Sole Full RemixAdapt or Die: 10 Years or Remixes1994/2005
WrongEverything But the Girl / John CiafoneLem SpringsteenMood II Swing Dub1983
Before TodayEverything But the GirlWalking Wounded1996
Before TodayEverything But the Girl / Chicane RemixAdapt or Die: 10 Years or Remixes1994/2005
RollercoasterEverything But the Girl / King Britt Scuba RemixAdapt or Die: 10 Years or Remixes1996
TreasuresThievery CorporationMirror Conspiracy2000
SingleEverything But the GirlWalking Wounded1996
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