You are currently viewing Brittany Danielle’s Retro Pop Part 2 (S2 | E81)

Brittany Danielle’s Retro Pop Part 2 (S2 | E81)


Brittany Danielle’s Retro Pop Part 2 (S2 | E81)

Brittany had heard Elton John’s song “Ticking.” That makes her the first human being, including Elton John fans, that I have met who knows this marvel from Sir Elton. Wow Brittany… you do indeed know your music. And you know how to write a pop song that is both fun and catchy and filled with meaning at the same time. A great companion to last week’s show with Brittany – our Part 2! To listen to part 1… click here.

Lots of music and insights with this week’s Lester the Nightfly guest, Brittany Danielle. Love those words… RETRO POP!

One more thing… kind of a last-minute add – go down to the video below of Elton John doing Ticking – dare you not to feel something when you hear it.

About Brittany

What happens when you pull a thread? Those who’ve sought the answer know the glee of the seam ripping open, the stuffing falling out and then the surprise of that which is broken now resting at your feet. What if this moment had a soundtrack? A melody like that string, rhythms like cloth and cotton. And a demise as obvious as that of a broken relationship or belief system. This is the music Seattle-based songwriter and performer, Brittany Danielle brings to the world.

With songs that sound like Top 40 hits but read like tarot cards, Danielle, who has been playing piano since 8-years-old and boasts a graduate degree in music, creates compositions that touch opposite sides of the spectrum. On Danielle’s debut LP, which she will unveil in 2022, many of the tracks were born from the pandemic and the song exercises that kept her sane throughout. Woven together with truths about her mental health (and its own unraveling), the songs represent growth, new connections. 

Brittany Danielle

Danielle, who has played in popular bands in Seattle like Purr Gato, graced stages like The Tractor Tavern and those abroad in cities as far away as Germany, has worked in children’s theater and performed in musicals, too. She’s a quilt of experience held with uneasy stitching. At times her songs sound like a stroll down a city street, others like the corners of your consciousness. Standouts include the unburdening, “Hindsight,” and sauntering, “Nothing.” But don’t fret. In the end, of course, she’s got the world dancing on a line.

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Brittany Danielle’s Retro Pop Part 2 (S2 | E81)



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