You are currently viewing Indian Classical Music with Dr. Nitin Ron Part 1 (S2 | E75)

Indian Classical Music with Dr. Nitin Ron Part 1 (S2 | E75)


Indian Classical Music with Dr. Nitin Ron Part 1 (S2 | E75)

What a pleasure it has been to get to know Dr. Nitin Ron, my guest this week on Lester the Nightfly. We met at an event in the West Village in Manhattan in 2021. After some back and forth we conceived this show about mindfulness, meditation, neuroscience, and Indian Classical music. And it all came together beautifully. You can judge for yourself by listening to our part one of a two-part series.

Author’s Note: This is exactly the reason I do this radio show. I get to meet wonderful people, learn about the unfamiliar, and, maybe, contribute a tiny bit of musical scholarship to the world.

About Dr. Ron

Baby doctor(neonatologist!) TED speaker, author, neuroscience researcher, climbed Mt. Everest. Dr. Nitin Ron.

Meditation. New life. High altitude hiking in the Himalayas. Listen to Neonatologist and mountaineer, Nitin Ron connect all three of these experiences in this extensive exploration of Indian Classical music.

Nitin is a neonatologist (baby doctor!) who loves high altitude trekking and mountaineering. An associate professor of pediatrics at New York Methodist Hospital, Nitin loves to use innovative methods to teach medical students. He has also been leading a research project in the Himalayas, including the Mt. Everest region, involving ultrasound of the eye (optic nerve) and the body, to predict mountain sickness. He has also looked at the effect of meditation in acclimatizing the body to high altitude. Nitin also volunteers as an art guide at the Rubin Museum of Himalayan Art in New York City, as a reminder to himself that medicine is as much art as it is science.


Types of Ragas | VoxGuru ft. Pratibha Sarathy

The video below cannot be embedded here. DO NOT LET THAT STOP YOU… click on the link and visit this YouTube video – it is really worth it.

Types of Ragas

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DJ and radio personality PJ Ewing is the host of Lester the Nightfly.

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  1. PJ

    Thank you Dr. Ron!!!

  2. Nitin Ron

    Thank you very much dear PJ! So lovely to see your enthusiasm and passion in conducting this-very excited for it to come out! The message of love and compassion is so beautifully expressed through the language of music❤️Dr. Ron

    1. PJ

      I cannot tell you how much fun this is working with you on new music to my ears and to those of my audience. Well done, well done… and now off to our next episode – more to share.

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    This is great!!

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