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Goat Rodeo | Avant Bluegrass (LTNF LIVE 4 WERB Radio)


Goat Rodeo | Avant Bluegrass (LTNF LIVE 4 WERB Radio)

A radio show made for WERB Saturdays at Noon

Chris Thile has been in my life for a long time. Out there. On the periphery… but there all the same. But it took a marvelous conversation with singer Chris Oglesby (2022 Gari Grant Winner) to get me to focus once again on this remarkable mandolin player. We explore what we want to call Avant Bluegrass through the lense of Chris’ recordings with a host of extraordinary artists.

It’s Goat Radio and Avant Bluegrass this week on LTNF LIVE!

Chris Thile | Yo Yo Ma | Goats

Christopher Scott Thile ( born February 20, 1981) is an American mandolinist, singer, songwriter, composer, and radio personality, best known for his work in the progressive acoustic trio Nickel Creek and the acoustic folk and progressive bluegrass quintet Punch Brothers. He is a 2012 MacArthur Fellow.[4] In October 2016, he became the host of the radio variety show A Prairie Home Companion, which in December 2017 was renamed Live from Here

Thile was born in Oceanside, California, in 1981. His earliest memories of music are listening to Stan Getz’s recording of “The Girl from Ipanema” before he even turned one year old. When he was two, his family started going to That Pizza Place, where he listened to John Moore’s band Bluegrass Etc. When Thile was four, his family moved to Idyllwild, California.

Yo Yo Ma

Yo-Yo Ma (Chinese: 马友友; born October 7, 1955) is an American cellist. Born in Paris to Chinese parents and educated in New York City, he was a child prodigy, performing from the age of four and a half. He graduated from the Juilliard School and Harvard University and attended Columbia University and has performed as a soloist with orchestras around the world. He has recorded more than 90 albums and received 19 Grammy Awards.

The Goat Rodeo Sessions is a 2011 collaborative album by Stuart Duncan, Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer and Chris Thile, featuring Aoife O’Donovan. The album won the 2013 Grammy Award for Best Folk Album and the Grammy for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical.

The term goat rodeo refers to a chaotic event where many things must go right for the situation to work, a reference to the unusual and challenging aspects of blending classical and bluegrass music. Yo-Yo Ma described a goat rodeo, saying: “If there were forks in the road and each time there was a fork, the right decision was made, then you get to a goat rodeo.”

Avant Bluegrass – is a phrase that we want to embrace wherever it came from. It just feels right.

Paul Jerome Ewing
Chris Thile
Yo Yo Ma

Goat Rodeo | Avant Bluegrass



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DJ and radio personality PJ Ewing is the host of Lester the Nightfly.

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