You are currently viewing Jim Page Interview – New Songs and Stories Part 3  (S2 | E72)

Jim Page Interview – New Songs and Stories Part 3 (S2 | E72)

Jim Page Interview – New Songs and Stories Part 3 (S2 | E72)

Sometimes the edit… the edit… just takes forever. I pour over every word to make sure you have a really clean listening experience. Sometimes Zoom gets in the way – digital clicks and scratches and purrs and bumps interfere. And sometimes there are mic issues and echoes that are just annoying.

Well – in this case… we have a gorgeous recording that has been cleansed of that kind of stuff. This is a fitting conclusion to our three-part series with Seattle’s Jim Page. Jim talks about the subjects of a number of his songs and we hear more from his recent record The Time is Now. Meet Walter Tortoise. Hear a song 40 years in the making. Hear the story of a veteran busker (Jim Hinde). And catch a drop of the Irish group Solas amidst that songs and stories from Jim Page – this week on Lester the Nightfly.

Host Note: This project was truly a joy. I admire what Jim has done all of his life to propel important ideas ahead into our public consciousness. There is such great value in the message in addition to the glorious music that Mr. Page has given us.


“One Of The 50 Most Influential Musicians In Seattle History,” according to Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, Jim Page began his career in California in the 60s in same scene that Jefferson Airplane and the Doobie Brothers came out of. His early inspirations were blues singers like Lightnin’ Hopkins and Jimmy Reed, songwriters like Buffy Sainte Marie and Woody Guthrie, and the ever-changing talent pool of local players. He came to Seattle in 1971 after spending a year in Greenwich Village. In 1974 he legalized busking by singing his case to the Seattle City Council. He began recording in ‘75, and international touring in ‘77. 

He’s toured in 17 countries and made 23 full length albums. His songs have been covered by The Doobie Brothers, Christy Moore, Dick Gaughan, Michael Hedges, Roy Bailey, amd Leftover Salmon. He’s shared the stage with George Harmonica Smith, Bonnie Raitt, Michelle Shocked, Robert Hunter, Christy Moore, Dick Gaughan, Bill Frizell, and Michael Hedges. 

Jim Page New Songs and Stories

THE TIME IS NOW is Jim’s 24th recording, the most ambitious to date, featuring some of Seattle’s finest musicians and recorded at Litho Studios with engineer Floyd Reitsma (Chris Cornell, Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews).

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The Playlist from Jim Page (New Songs and Stories)

Song NameArtistAlbumYear
Now is the TimeJim PageThe Time is Now2022
ColumbusJim Page & ArtisFolk Punch 2007
Whose World is ThisJim PageWhose World is This1996
The Yellow TinkerSolasSolas1996
Walter TortoiseJim PageSeattle Songs2004
Put it DownJim PageHand Full of Songs2017
The Whidbey Island Overwater Transfer Ferry LineJim PageSeattle Songs2004
Jim’s SongJim PageHand Full of Songs2017
Playlist: Jim Page


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