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Etienne de Rocher Interview Part 1 (S2 | E56)


Etienne de Rocher Interview

Southern Rock? Psychedelic music? An amalgamation of musical influences? Yes, please… Etienne de Rocher Interview Part 1.

I sat down with Etienne from Haunted Shed late in 2021 to talk about the band’s new record, his roots, and some ‘musical reference points that he shared with me in his playlist. And… of course… two and a half hours later we were done. That means this is the first of THREE PARTS… thank you very much. Get ready for three hours made for the musician and music aficionado (and probably a lot of other five-dollar words!) and fans of Southern Roots Rock. Go Athens!!!

Etienne de Rocher Bio


Every few years it seems like the historically fruitful music community of Athens, Georgia births a recording that both translates and transcends the tangled beauty of the Classic City. From start to finish, Haunted Shed’s gorgeous debut album overflows with this complicated beauty – not just the glowing and radiant grace of Athens, but also its darker charms that occasionally bloom from the inherent shadows.

Fronted by lifelong musician and songwriter Etienne de Rocher, Haunted Shed sometimes sounds like it evolved from the West Coast’s lineage of late 20th century indie rock. Other times it sounds like there is a new genre happening here, right before our ears: something that unravels familiar sounds from the past to weave into brand new patterns and shapes.

Etienne was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama but came up in the San Francisco, Bay Area’s vibrant 1990s music scene before relocating to Athens. His eponymous 2006 album has garnered a cult following – the kind that still pay him well to play private events and evening front-porch shows, streaming long distance in real-time. Etienne’s songs have always blended the avant-sonicity of indie rock with the elegance of 1960s baroque pop. But with Haunted Shed, many of his lyrics conjure the specters of Southern Gothic tomes. He explains, “These themes are definitely a big part of how I saw the South growing up. And it was something I missed during my West Coast years. You can’t escape it in Athens. It’s steeped in the soil, trees, and buildings.” This is handsomely contrasted with songwriting and compositional arrangements that enter an entirely advanced dimension, with ample help from some of Athens’ most seasoned veterans.

Etienne de Rocher Interview Part 1
PJDJ – LTNFEtienne de Rocher Interview Part 1

Right here in the middle of the articles and music – a few Christmas pieces by my son, Finn.

Show Playlist

Archipeligo (reprise)Haunted ShedFaltering Light2021
Big Black WallEtienne de RocherEtienne de Rocher2006
i can see my house from hereThe GlandsThe Glands2000
Juniper RoseEtienne de RocherEtienne de Rocher2006
King’s Lead HatBrian EnoBefore and After the Science1977
CollectionsHaunted ShedFaltering Light2021
Impending MachinesHaunted ShedFaltering Light2021
Don’t Ask Me*A Flock of SeagullsA Flock of Seagulls1982
Man Made*A Flock of SeagullsA Flock of Seagulls1982
Etienne de Rocher, *PJDJ

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