You are currently viewing Heidi Ewing Part Two | From The Smiths to Angela Carrasco (E38)

Heidi Ewing Part Two | From The Smiths to Angela Carrasco (E38)

Heidi Ewing Part Two (E38)

The Catskills provided a fitting backdrop for a deep conversation about music, life, culture, movies and… Voyager II. Heidi spent a ton of time working on songs that are mesmerizing, euphoric and seem to cause a medical condition commonly known as “musical paralysis.” Heidi takes us deeper into this concept with music by The Smiths, Prince… and some white kid from Penn State named Shy Girls… go figure.

Dear reader, it will all be made clear when you listen to the episode below.

That Moment in a Bar (or Starbucks)

You are having drinks with friends in a crowded bar. Chatting away. Having such a good time. And then something tingles in the back of your brain. A new sensation… certainly… but odd. Does it feel good? You think so. Yes… it’s good. You pay attention. Your ear follows this new sonic “thing.”

Heidi Ewing
Heidi Ewing

And then… the topic of these shows with Heidi… euphoria and paralysis. While you may not have the same emotional connection with each tune as Heidi does, I am pretty sure you will see the magic in each, and what compelled Heidi to add them to this list of stunning songs. Music is highly personal and you are likely to have your own list of songs that create euphoria and paralysis. Share your list in the comments below.

From The Smiths to Angela Carrasco

Jose Jose

A Celebrated Career

José José found success as a solo artist in the early 1970s. Demonstrating his tenor vocal ability with a stunning performance of the song “El Triste” at a Latin music festival held in Mexico City in 1970, he climbed the Latin charts during that decade. Having achieved recognition as a balladeer, his singing garnered universal critical acclaim from musical peers and media.

Known by Latin music fans across the globe as “El Príncipe de la Canción,” José José was a best-selling, award-winning singer and actor. His career spanned more than half a century, during which he sold tens of millions of records. Possessed of a resonant, classically trained tenor voice, Jose’s dramatic reading of the song “El Triste” at a music festival in Mexico City in 1970 made him a star across Latin America. Over the next two decades he rode the Top Ten with an array of songs in multiple genres, including rancheras, mariachis, boleros, bossas, pop, rock, and classical. Among his many chart hits are some of the most anthologized from the period and include “De Pueblo en Pueblo,” “Hasta Que Vuelvas,” “Déjame Conocerte,” “Sentimientos,” “Paloma,” and “Gavilan o Paloma.”

Robin Guthrie, Will Heggie, Elizabeth Frazier


Heid Ewing From The Smiths to Angela Carrasco
Heid Ewing From The Smiths to Angela Carrasco

The Playlist

Tracks included in order of appearance.

SongArtist / AlbumYear
Sheila Take a BowThe Smiths / Louder Than Bombs1987
You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet BabyThe Smiths / Louder Than Bombs1987
Stretch Out and WaitThe Smiths / Louder Than Bombs1987
Private JoyPrince / Controversy1981
Silly Love SongsWings / Give My Regards to Broad Street1984
Una MañanaJose Jose / Cuidado1969
Voyeurs GazeShy Girls / Timeshare2013
Siempre TuAngela Carrasco / Con Amor1981
CamagueyAngela Carrasco / Con Amor1981
Cosas Que PasanAngela Carrasco / Con Amor1981
Playlist: Heidi Ewing


In this episode our music centers around the year 1985 as you can see from our LEST-OMETER below. Yep – that’s how we roll around here… the very latest in music technology!!


Video References

I want to share my appreciation for you. For listening with an open mind. For comments and thoughts. For advice and suggestions. I am very pleased to go on these musical journeys each week knowing you are there to appreciate stand-out music from inspired musicians.

Heidi Ewing from The Smiths to Angela Carrasco (E38)

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