FAVS FROM 2023 with David Goldman (S4 | E160)


Music Critic, David Goldman: FAVS FROM 2023

A fourth visit with David Goldman – this time to talk about his favorite music from 2023. We kick off a new year and a new season with something special – and a TWO-PARTER filled with two distinctly different takes on the music of 2023. If I play my K-POP song over and over again I think that just might be one version of hell for Mr. Goldman!! You’ll hear it this week on Lester the Nightfly Radio.

This is our fourth annual review of the best music of the year that has passed. To review our other work, listen to the inspired collections below:

And now we dive into a bunch of tracks that made David (and Mr. Paul Jerome) smile in 2023.

Music Critic, David Goldman: FAVS FROM 2023

Show Playlist

IntroSG LewisAudioLust & HigherLove2023
Miles and MilesThe Heavy HeavyLife and Life Only2023
For GrantedYaejiWith a Hammer2023
Avalanche of LoveWITCH, Sampa the GreatZango2023
SituationQuenty, KosaaSituation2023
Holding OnJungleVolcano2023
Fever Dreamer (feat. Charlotte Day Wilson& Channel Tres)SG Lewis, Charlotte Day Wilson, Channel TresAudioLust & HigherLove2023
Remember MeGabrielsAngels & Queens (Deluxe)2023
Can I Love YouB.O.Can I Love You2023
HopeR.E.M.Up (25th Anniversary Edition)2023
Knees DeepThe BethsExpert in a Dying Field (Deluxe)2023
David Goldman, PJ Ewing

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FAVS FROM 2023 with David Goldman (S4 | E160)

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DJ and radio personality PJ Ewing is the host of Lester the Nightfly.

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