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Missing the Met (E17)

It has been a few years since I visited the Metropolitan Opera House on the Upper West Side of NYC. For a bit there was just a busy life and raising little kids and then… dum dum dum…. the pandemic. The Met closed last winter and has been dark since. At the time of this writing it is looking really good for a return in September 2021. That’s the plan.

Prior to this interruption in my opera-going I was, at times, a rabid attendee to the greatest (not even an argument, really) opera house on the planet. And I never, not once, took it for granted. Was every production transcendent and inspired? Nah. Every singer on their game each night?… nope. We’re there boo’s by the true opera crazies when the soprano displeased?… uh huh… with some frequency I expect. All that said none of us would have rather been anywhere else in the world on an opera night.

PJDJ takes Lester to the Opera. 🤣

I was all over the map in putting this episode of LTNF together for you. I started with James Levine and was going to, dammit, do a show full of recollections of his musical brilliance. And then I was dissuaded from that (thanks mom!) having dug a bit deeper into his life and legacy. And that left me all at sea on what to do with my first LTNF opera show.

What to do, what to do. And then… well – I just followed my nose. A few hits. Some PJ favs and even a nod to my essay from my Opera class at the University of Michigan (I got an A- on the paper by the way).

Variety, Beauty, Singing

What you will find by listening to this show is… simply… gorgeous. Sumptuous. Extravagant. It’s like listening to an ice cream sunday with absolutely everything on top!

My hope

I know this: 90% of us have never been to the opera. 95%? And many have a predisposition against this style of singing for whatever reasons. All good. No problem. I’m not here to tell anyone what to like or listen to. But I do hope that this might inspire one person (or 100) to take that opportunity to see an opera if, in this life, that opportunity ever presents itself. And if you want to really do it right, come to my city for a visit and get yourself to 63rd St. and Broadway. The New York Metropolitan Opera is waiting for you.

Strange Nonsequiter

One more thing. Did you ever see the movie Breaking Away? Well, o.k. then… forget this opera stuff, go see that movie. Right now. I’ll wait.

OK – now – remember that scene where Dave’s mom shows him her passport in the kitchen? She has never used it to actually travel. In fact she may never go to Europe, or anywhere, with that passport. But she got it anyways… to imagine that trip. To be ready for that magical experience should it ever come to pass. My hope is that this LTNF show about opera might be a passport for someone who will find that they do, indeed, get to The Metropolitan Opera one day. And when they do, they will experience it with just a bit more confidence having listened to samples of what a real opera night sounds like. That is our job today with this show.

Some Images from The Metropolitan Opera

Listen Here

The Playlist

Tracks included in order of appearance.

Akt I, IntroductionRichard Strauss Leonard Bernstein Wiener PhilharmonikerDer Rosenkavalier1970
O mio babbino caroGiacomo Puccini London Symphony Orchestra, Kiri Te KanawaGianni Schicchi1998
Ossia Il dissoluto punitoWolfgang Amadeus Mozart Metropolitan Opera Orchestra Placido Domingo Kathleen BattleDon Giovanni1988
Act III: Chorus of the Hebrew SlavesGiuseppi Verdi London Philharmonic ChoirNabucco2009
Act 1: O mon cher amant, je te jure… Ah! quel dinerJacques Offenbach New Philharmonia Orchestra Dame Joan SutherlandLa Périchole2011
Act 2: The trees on the mountainCarlyle Floyd, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, Renée FlemingSusannah1997
Act 2: Ach!Leos Janacek, Vienna State Opera Chorus, Weiner Philharmoniker Lucia Popp Dalibor JedlickaThe Cunning Little Vixen (Prihody Lisky Bystrousky)1981
Act I: Ah, quegli occhi… Quale occhio al mondoGiacomo Puccini, Philharmonia Orchestra, Renata Scotto, Placido DomingoTosca1997
GroBmächtige PrinzessinRichard Strauss Wiener Philharmoniker Kathleen BattleAriadne auf Naxos1985
Playlist: PJDJ

I want to share my appreciation for you. For listening with an open mind. For comments and thoughts. For advice and suggestions. I am very pleased to go on these musical journeys each week knowing you are there to appreciate stand out music from inspired musicians.

Missing the Met on Lester the Nightfly

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DJ and radio personality PJ Ewing is the host of Lester the Nightfly.

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