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Ciao! Chick Corea III (E13)

Part Three of our three-part series. And yes… I’ll say it and mean it. It is a “sweet sorrow” to finish this project. I’ve been immersed in the wonder of a huge catalogue of music by a supremely lovely man. I did not “miss” Chick Corea when he died because I just did not know much about him or his work. But now. Now I mourn his passing. A signature talent. Beloved by everyone with whom he worked (as far as I can tell). Mild mannered. Devoted to music, his craft, teaching and expressing. I feel his loss now. In this episode we say Ciao! Chick Corea.

And you can feel that two – right now – with just one viewing of one performance. Go to the very bottom of our video playlist below and watch Chick and Stevie Wonder work together in some small jazz club in LA. See the respect. See the love. The collaboration. The interplay… this says nearly everything I want to express in how this highly gifted musician expresses his genius. Truly worth a look. I was in tears (always of joy) in the middle of viewing this moment of joy.

So – my own self-assessment… right here right now.

PJDJ and Missing the Mark

I was a little bit disappointed with my first show on Chick Corea. I think I was just on uneven ground not having listened to his music much prior to deciding to do this series. So I trusted the New York Times and their article on him. And while Ryan Reed was, I am sure, right on target with his tracks that made up “Essential Chick Corea,” it was not really to my liking. In retrospect I should have followed my own instincts.

It might simply be that the earliest work of this great keyboardist was just a part of the ensemble where he was not as much the driver of the tunes as the passenger. It seems, looking now at his whole body of work, that what appeals to me is Mr. Corea’s ability to express his imagination freely through his instrument. That expression is crystal clear on his solo work, the work you will hear with Gary Burton (on vibes) and really and truly on that moment in that LA jazz club in 2014 when he was going back and forth with Stevie Wonder on the keys.

That feeling like I missed the mark on my first show on Chick Corea? I fixed that in the second show. And here in our third and final episode I continue to follow my nose. And I am very happy with what we have for you this time around.

Ok… as I still remain somewhat speechless over how to express my overwhelming feelings surrounding this project… I am led to believe this is the feeling itself! Stark, new, uncharted. In a time where music is fast disintegrating before our very ears comes a genuine surprise in our nearly 40-year career! Something, I feel is brand new for us! Yes, Chick Corea has gifted us all for quite some time with his music and will continue to withstand the test of time as we all know. Thank you Chick, for offering up your delicious, endless source of inspired melodies.

CHERYL BENTYNE – The Manhattan Transfer

CREDITS: Steve Gadd, Eddi Gomez, Joe Farrell, Bela Fleck The Manhattan Transfer, Al Jarreau, Gary Burton, Pat Metheny, Stevie Wonder, Chick Corea.

Listen Here

Chick Corea (Part Three)
PJDJChick Corea (Part Three)

The Playlist

Tracks included in order of appearance.

FriendsJoe Farrell, Steve GaddFriends1978
SpectacleBela FleckThe Enchantment2007
Children’s Song #15Manhattan TransferThe Chick Corea Songbook2009
Great Pumpkin WaltzChick CoreaHappy Anniversary Charlie Brown1989
SpainAl JarreauThis Time1980
Le Chanson Du Bébé (Children’s Song #1)Manhattan TransferThe Chick Corea Songbook2009
Waltz For AbbyBela FleckThe Enchantment2007
For a Thousand YearsPat Metheny, Gary BurtonLike Minds1998
Joban Dna NopiaBela FleckThe Enchantment2007
Ragtime in PiexilandManhattan TransferThe Chick Corea Songbook2009
Pastime ParadiseStevie WonderCatalina Jazz Club2014
SpainStevie WonderCatalina Jazz Club2014
Love CastleGary BurtonTiny Desk2016
Chopin: Prelude Op. 28 #4Chick CoreaPlays2020
Playlist: PJDJ
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For Your Viewing Pleasure

I want to share my appreciation for you. For listening with an open mind. For comments and thoughts. For advice and suggestions. I am very pleased to go on these musical journeys each week knowing you are there to appreciate great music from inspired musicians.

Ciao! Chick Corea

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