You are currently viewing Waxahatchee | with Taylor Watkins (S3 | E142)

Waxahatchee | with Taylor Watkins (S3 | E142)


Waxahatchee | with Taylor Watkins (S3 | E142)

Indie Rock with Taylor Part 3 | Summer 2023

We conclude our three-part series with Taylor Watkins this week. And – no surprise – Taylor has more audio marvels for us from Jack Johnson, Big Thief, Shakey Graves, Adrianne Lenker and Buck Meeks, The Beths, Waxahatchee, and even some Pokey LaFarge. Indie rockers unite!

This week on Lester the Nightfly.

About Watkins

Click here to read an eye-opening article written by Talor as published in CanvasRebel Magazine.

“With a desire to open the mind of the modern music scene, Watkins brings flavors of Post-Grunge and Alternative Rock with a Psychedelic-Pop attitude. Watkins, has created a grassroots following in his travels across the country, known for his acoustic guitar picking and soul-packed vocal performance. His lyrics showcase the spiritual journey taken during the writing process, distilled through years of living on the road. From Teton Valley to the Blue Ridge Mountains, Watkins is bringing (what he calls) ‘Psychedelic Southern’ to the masses. Sophomore album Unbiased Eyes showcases these universal reflections in songs such as Sad Happy and Lovely Scares.”

Taylor Watkins

Watkins Coyote (S3 | E140)

Die a Little DeathThe BethsFuture Me Hates Me2019
Silence is GoldenThe BethsExpert in a Dying Field2023
When You Know You KnowThe BethsExpert in a Dying Field2023
Ruby FallsWaxahatcheeSaint Cloud2020
Central TimePokey LaFargePokey LaFarge2013
Build to RoamShakey GravesRoll the Bones2011
The Cure What AilShakey GravesRoll the Bones2011
JonathanAdrianne Lenker, Buck Meeka-sides2014
UFOFBig ThiefU.F.O.F.2019
Taylor Watkins, PJ Ewing



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DJ and radio personality PJ Ewing is the host of Lester the Nightfly.

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  1. PJ

    We eeked out a part three – and it was so so good!!!

  2. Mary

    I really enjoyed this show. Great music! Added Coyote to my playlist!!

    1. PJ

      Agree – and so nice to know the story behind it.

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