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Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith: Let’s Turn it Into Sound (S2 | E90)


Let’s Turn it Into Sound (S2 | E90).

Hyperpop: Synthesized

First things first. Thank you THE QUIETUS for your inspiring article about this Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. It was the catalyst that pushed our team at LTNF to focus our attention on this Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. Jon Buckland, your review was so well put together and creative – just wow!

What to expect in this show: We explore this ground-breaking Buchla-created work piece by piece. You’ll want to purchase Kaitlyn’s earlier work, The Kid at NOMAD RECORDS as soon as this show is done. Or jump on Bandcamp to buy Let’s Turn it Into Sound.

A Gateway Drug: Are we proud of this episode? Darn right? Is it the definitive show about this artist and record? Likely not. But it is a gateway to her world… and for that, we are very pleased with our work, thank you very much! Hoping you jump into the deep end of the pool and listen and learn more about Kaitlyn’s ground-breaking work.

Let’s Turn it Into Sound from Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, this week on LTNF.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith is an American composer, performer and producer, originally from Orcas Island, Washington and currently based in Los Angeles. Her works prominently employs Buchla modular synthesizers. She received acclaim for her albums Ears (2016) and The Kid (2017). She has collaborated with Suzanne Ciani and Emile Mosseri.

Smith grew up and was home-educated on Orcas Island, Northwestern Washington. She left the island to study composition and sound engineering at Berklee College of Musicin Boston, before returning to the island after her graduation. Smith performed in the indie folk duo Ever Isles while still at Berklee.


Buchla Music Easel synthesizer

It was after returning home that Smith discovered synthesizers, when a neighbor who shared her interest in Terry Riley introduced her to the Buchla 100 Synthesizer. Having originally intended to use her voice as her primary instrument, and then moving to classical guitar and piano, Smith switched to the use of synthesizer after being lent and experimenting with the Buchla 100 for a year, explaining, “I got so distracted and enamored with the process of making sounds with [the Buchla’s] that I abandoned the next Ever Isles album.” She also frequently uses the Buchla Music Easel.

Let’s Turn it Into Sound


Giulio Gari Competition Performance


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