You are currently viewing Modern Flamenco (S2 | LTNF LIVE 4 WERB RADIO)

Modern Flamenco (S2 | LTNF LIVE 4 WERB RADIO)


Modern Flamenco (S2 | LTNF LIVE 4 WERB RADIO)

On the day that Rosalía appears on SNL – we feature her music on LTNF LIVE – on WERBRADIO.COM. Quite the coincidence… albeit a happy one! Listen to our show on Modern Flamenco below and then you can watch Rosalía work on SNL below.

Rosalia, C. Tangana, Maria Jose Llergo, Dellafuenta, MAKA, Paco De Lucia, The Gypsy Kings – its all about Modern Flamenco this week on LTNF LIVE

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Modern Flamenco (LTNF LIVE)
PJDJ – LTNFModern Flamenco (LTNF LIVE)

About C. Tangana

Antón Álvarez Alfaro (born July 16, 1990), better known as C. Tangana, is a Spanish rapper from Madrid, Spain. He is a member of the rap group Agorazein. He began his musical career in 2005 under the pseudonym Crema, with a demo called Él Es Crema. Tangana has headlined the Primavera Sound festival. In 2020, he was named one of the most influential people and most creative artists in Spain by Forbes.

With Agorazein, he attracted the attention of people due to a blend of good rhythms and melodies that conveyed teenage rebelliousness and sadness. In contrast with rap, Tangana’s soft sounds became as important as the voice, which started to gain acoustic treatment.

In 2015, he adopted a more traditional lyric style, but continued with the most creative part of his music. In his songs, Tangana expresses individualistic ideals. On occasion, some mass media have interpreted sexist sentences  in his songs. Regarding to his political ideas, he said that he does not believe in the representative democracy.

Modern Flamenco

The Playlist

Di Mi NombreRosalíaEl Mal Querer2018
Me Miras Per No Me VesMaria José LlergoSenacíon2020
ParisC. Tangana, DELLAFUENTEParis2019
Dos Cruces*Diego El CigalaTwo Crosses2008
AllegriaGypsy KingsAllegria2013
IngonerableC. Tangana, Gypsy KingsEl Madrileño2021
Antes de MorirmeC. Tangana, RosalíaAntes de Morirme2016
Yo x Ti, Tu x MiRosalía, OzunaYo x Ti, Tu x Mi2019
GuerreraDELLAFUENTE, C. TanganaGuerrera2017
Qu Tu Mi QuerasMaria José LlergoQu Tu Mi Queras2021
Vete de Mi*Diego El CigalaLagrimas Negras2003
Reflejo de LunaPaco de LuciaIntegral2010
MALAMENTERosalíaEl Mal Querer2018
BAGDADRosalíaEl Mal Querer2018
QUE NO SALGA LA LUNARosalíaEl Mal Querer2018
A Nungún Hombre^RosalíaEl Mal Querer2018
Niña de las DunasMaria José LlergoSenacíon2020
Playlist: ^Tony Glausi, *Heidi Ewing, PJ Ewing

Rosalía on SNL Video Plus C. Tangana

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DJ and radio personality PJ Ewing is the host of Lester the Nightfly.

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    Really Really colorful music great work!!!

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