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Rock & Roll Writer Teri Saccone (S2 | E61)

Rock & Roll Writer Teri Saccone (S2 | E61)

Teri Saccone, rock & roll writer, joins us for the first of many interviews. We discuss classic rock, rock & roll magazine writing and a bit about Teri’s long history with the music industry.

About Teri Saccone (from her website)

My writing career began in music in the late 80s in New York. I started with CreemModern Drummer, and Rock Scene. It was an exciting time to enter the industry.

Being given the opportunity to meet some of my favourite musicians and obtaining their artistic secrets has been thrilling ever since. In the 90s, I traveled on the road with bands like Aerosmith and INXS, Def Leppard. I stretched my creative confines through covering diverse genres (rock, country, metal, and pop). 

Upon moving to London in the early 2000s, my professional scope widened to encompass fashion, beauty, and entertainment writing for Elle, for which I interviewed fashion designers, supermodels, and pop stars like Stella McCartney, Iman, Helena Christensen among them, as well as writing copy for global retailer H&M.During this time, I also had the chance to do radio segments covering London Fashion Week for BBC’s London Live and authored a book in 2004: How to Survive & Succeed In the Music Industry, which became the basis for a course I taught to students at a Further Education college in London. 

Teri Saccone

Currently, I‘m a freelance writer having recently written for Guitar Magazine and Long Live Vinyl. At these publications, I interviewed guitarists and music producers, as well as visual artists and photographers. After a multi-decade career, I’ve had close to 2000 features with my byline. My work has been syndicated internationally, appearing in dozens of publications globally. Interviewing and getting to know so many cultural luminaries is, and has been, both a privilege and a surreal experience.

Rock & Roll Writer Teri Saccone

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Sweet EmotionAerosmithToys in the Attic1973
Brown SugarThe Rolling StonesSticky Fingers1971
Sister MorphineThe Rolling StonesSticky Fingers1971
Don’t ChangeINXSShabooh Shoobah1982
HysteriaDef LeppardHysteria1987
She Talks to AngelsThe Black CrowesShake Your Money Maker1990
Get BackThe BeatlesGet Back Rooftop Concert2022
Is This LoveWhitesnakeWhitesnake1987
Teri Saccone

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Rock & Roll Writer Teri Saccone (S2 | E61)

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