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College Level | Class Act Shit Show (E50)


College Level | Class Act Shit Show (E50)

College Level and their first full-length LP, Class Act Shit Show.

I sat down with Alex Smith and Taylor Howard of Boise-based College Level a few days after the debut of their full-length, Class Act Shit Show. We talked parties, rages, trumpets and guitar solos. And we played a bunch of the new record and two “inspirations” for this very strong debut full-length album.

Alex Smith (Lead Guitar, Composer) | Taylor Howard (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar)

Boise-based band, College Level, introduced themselves to the Boise indie scene with the 2018 release of their self-produced single, “Headspace”. They quickly developed a local reputation by playing over 20 shows in the first 6 months of 2019 and releasing their first EP, “gosh.” in August of 2019. With a wide range of musical influences, College Level’s fusion of power pop melodies and high-energy rock makes them a unique sound within the Boise area. College Level includes Boise natives Taylor Howard (rhythm guitar/lead vocals), Joel Hroma (drums/vocals) and Jared Smith (bass/vocals), and Las Vegas-born Alex Smith (lead guitar). The group was formed by Taylor and Alex during the 2017 holiday season under the rejected names Nottagarage and Dog Uncle. After the addition of Joel and Jared, the band got right to work creating a community of music lovers and local artists of all kinds. College Level looks to continue its growth in 2020 with plans of tours across the west coast. Their debut full-length LP is in the works; featuring a variety of sounds focused heavily on catchy hooks and introspective stories of early adulthood.

Facebook/Instagram: @collegelevelband

College Level

LISTEN HERE – College Level | Class Act Shit Show (E50)

College Level | Class Act Shit Show (E50)
College Level | Class Act Shit Show (E50)

My Review College Level Class Act Shit Show

Class Act Shit Show

A record of memories and wonder. And of contrast. On the surface, you hear catchy, fun, melodic guitar-based rock and roll. Dig a bit deeper and you hear some satisfying harmonies and backing vocals. Listen even more carefully and, on a few tracks, some tantalizing trumpet work.

It is when you dig into the lyrics, however, that the true magic of Class Act Shit Show happens. A picture of life, real life, life with problems, and broken hearts, and annoying family members, comes in to focus. It’s life for guys trying to make it in the congested world of popular music, set to music in one of my favorite records of the year… already.

If you want to hear my first interview with Taylor Howard of College Level click here: Good for You: College Level (E14).

McCoy Tyner

The Playlist – College Level

Tracks included in order of appearance.

SongArtist / AlbumYear
Good for YouGood for You2020
KonabugCollege Level / Class Act Shit Show2021
All CoolCollege Level / Class Act Shit Show2021
You and MeCollege Level / Class Act Shit Show2021
Piss Drunk FriendsCollege Level / Class Act Shit Show2021
EasyCollege Level / Class Act Shit Show2021
Cute ShitCollege Level / Class Act Shit Show2021
I know the EndPhoebe Bridgers / Punisher2017
Camilla, I’m at HomePeach Pit / You and Your Friend2020
Like a DreamCollege Level / Class Act Shit Show2021
Swimming in MaineCollege Level / Class Act Shit Show2021
Playlist: Taylor and Alex

A PLAYLIST NOTE – College Level

Enjoying the ride, the back and forth, the insights… the fun.

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