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We love you Chick Corea – Part One (E11)

Thank you Ryan Reed and the New York Times for a fabulous Chick Corea playlist. We dive deep, and explore the tracks in part one of a three part series on the late, great jazz piano man, Chick Corea.

The jazz pianist and innovator was at the forefront of the movement blending jazz and rock in the 1970s, and recorded close to 90 albums as a bandleader or co-leader.

Ryan Reed, The New York Times

Listen to Stanley Clark, Miles Davis, John McLaughlin, Larry Coryell, Flora Purim, Joe Farrell and of course, Chick Corea express the many marvels of jazz and jazz fusion. It’s all about the great Mr. Corea in this edition of Lester the Nightfly.

CREDITS: Stanley Clark, Miles Davis, John McLaughlin, Larry Coryell, Flora Purim, Joe Farrell. Quotes from John Mayer, Ryan Reed and Chick Corea, Host: PJ Ewing.

Chick Corea (Part One)
PJDJChick Corea (Part One)

Tracks included in order of appearance.

Miles runs the Voodoo DownMiles DavisBitches Brew
ChrisLarry Coryell, John McLaughlinSpaces
SpainChick Corea & Return to ForeverLight as a Feather
Space Circus, Part I/Space Circus, Part IIReturn to ForeverHymn of the Seventh Galaxy
Song to John Part I, Song to John Part IIStanley ClarkJourney to Love
SorceressChick CoreaMy Spanish Heart
Playlist: Ryan Reed


Sheila E. “I’m devastated to hear of the legendary @ChickCorea’s passing. This man changed my life thru his music and we were able to play together many times. I was very fortunate to call him my family. Chick, you are missed dearly, your music and brilliant light will live on forever.”

John Mayer: “Chick Corea was the single greatest improvisational musician I have ever played with. Nobody was more open, more finely tuned to the moment, changing his approach with every new offering by the musicians around him. If you hit a wrong note, he’d immediately pick it up and play it as a motif so as to say ‘all of this has value, whether you see it or not.’

What an immeasurable loss in so many ways. My love to Gayle, his family, and the countless musicians and fans he inspired and will continue to inspire. Thank you, Chick, for the invaluable scholarship of getting to know and make music with you. May you rest as peacefully as you lived.”

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