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Kruder & Dorfmeister Part 1 THE DARK (E2)


The album K&D Sessions will live in my mind forever. 

It means so much to me. It has a time and a place in my life. And, for a moment, this Trip Hop Duo had the world by the tail. In the late 1990’s these two Austrians geniuses were the essence of cool: you could not walk around a major city in the world without hearing their ever-present downbeat remixes and original material playing in the background.

And I saw them live a few times (Miami 2X & New York). Mesmerizing! And with a little hindsight  and a new record this year, what fun to look at their catalogue.

Now live – on Lester The Nightfly… K&D (The Dark)

This is Part One of a Two-Part Show 

It’s K&D… man. Kruder and Dorfmeister! 


Well to be honest I really really hope you do NOT know who these Austrian DJ’s/Producers actually are. That would be fun. In that case I get to introduce you to true greatness. If you know of them a little – almost as good. If you are a big fan… come on in, the water’s warm… let’s hear their new stuff. YEP. They just dropped a new record last week… a new record that they made back in 1995. It will all become clear when you listen.


Sofa SurfersK&D Sessions1998
EastwestK&D Sessions1998
Meister PetzPeace Orchestra1999
Boogie WoogieK&D Sessions1998
Law of ReturnMacro2009
1st of That MonthK&D Sessions1998


But here are the rules. 1) Look out the window. If you see light… you are not allowed to listen. 2) Look around the room. If you see other people… nope – no K&D for you. 3) If you don’t have headphones … well… I’ll let that slide – but just this once. Headphones are preferred. And finally – 4) do you think you’ll be up for a while? This is going to take a few hours especially if you combine this with Episode 2. If your score is at least 3 out of 4, well, o.k., c’mon… let’s go.

The Lester the Nightfly show – as aired on WPVM FM 103.7 Asheville, NC – is waiting for you below.

PJDJ (Lester the Nightfly)
PJDJ (Lester the Nightfly)K&D – THE DARK
@pjewingnyc says:
Love this!!!!

If you want to dive into 2.5 hours of both the dark and the light… and you have a Spotify Premium account… then hit play below.


Yeah – I was really nervous about this one – made notes, built out my Evernote, watched videos.


And – to make your homework all the easier – that interview with the men themselves.

Sweet Home Chicago – Robert Johnson

We get a sample of this remarkable rendition of Sweet Home Chicago by Robert Johnson (1936) in “Johnson” from the 2020 K&D album 1995.


DJ and radio personality PJ Ewing is the host of Lester the Nightfly.

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  1. Mary

    I truly loved this!! I’ve never heard of them until
    now. Thank you for introducing them to me!!

    1. pjdj

      Mary – right? Good stuff – that is my goal – sharing something new and amazing!

  2. Adelaide Ewing

    Thank you for this amazing show, this is truly beautiful.

  3. Finn Ewing

    Yes it really is!!!

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