Uncanny Gorgeous | Sub-genre: Freak Folk Part One


Uncanny Gorgeous | Sub-genre: Freak Folk Part One (S4 | E168)

Freak Folk

Often times a show idea starts with just a spark. in this case the spark is the San Francisco artist singer, songwriter Jessica Pratt. Jessica is a representative of a movement called Freak Folk. And while much of this music in simply inspired by the idea of Uncanny music, it came together in the end

Some Bits About Jessica

Jessica Pratt was raised by her mother, who exposed her to a broad range of artists, including Tim Buckley, X, and the Gun Club. She learned to play the guitar around the age of 15, after her older brother gave up playing his Stratocaster. She took his guitar and started practicing with the T. Rex album Electric Warrior. She was soon able to play the guitar parts of the whole record. She eventually began recording songs at the age of 16, using her mother’s Fender guitar amp and microphone.


Freak folk is a loosely defined synonym or subgenre of psychedelic folk that involves acoustic sounds, pastoral lyrics, and a neo-hippie aesthetic. The label originated from the “lost treasure” reissue culture of the late 1990s.

Vashti Bunyan has been labeled “the Godmother of Freak Folk” for her role in inspiring the new crop of folk experimentalists. David Crosby’s 1971 album If Only I Could Remember My Name has been described as an early progenitor of the genre. Other major influences on later freak folk artists include Linda Perhacs, Anne Briggs, Karen Dalton, Shirley & Dolly Collins, Animal Collective, the Incredible String Band, Xiu Xiu, and Pearls Before Swine. Devendra Banhart would become one of the leaders of the 2000s freak folk movement, along with Joanna Newsom.

Show Playlist: Uncanny Gorgeous | Sub-genre: Freak Folk Part One

RoygibivThe Boards of CanadaMusic has the right to children1998
Echo’s AnswerBroadcastThe Noise Made by People2000
This Rainy DecadeThe Cleaners from VenusMidnight Cleaners1982
Twin of MyselfBlack Moth
Super Rainbow
Eating Us2009
Pulling Our WeightThe Radio Dept.Passive Aggressive2011
Pack Yr Romantic MindStereolabTransient Random Noise Bursts with Announcements1998
The LightCate Le
Bon, Group Listening
Here it Comes Again2020
Morning OfColin StetsonPeel Session2018
Olson Version 3StereolabJohn Matthew Myers Desiderium1999
Come On Let’s GoBroadcastThe Noise Made by People2000
Moon DudeJessica PrattOn Your Own Love Again2015
Hit Me NowFievel is GlaqueGod’s Trashmen Sent to Right the Mess2021
Pitch the BabyCocteau TwinsHeaven or Las Vegas1990
CaramelConnan MockasinCaramel2013
Before We BeginBroadcastHaHa Song2003
GraycedesJessica PrattOn Your Own Love Again2015
Poly BlueJessica PrattQuiet Signs2019
CrossingJessica PrattQuiet Signs2019
The Artichoke That Loved MeThe Cleaners from VenusBlow Away Your Troubles1981
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