Bubblegum-House | A PJDJ MIX

Bubblegum House | A Summertime Collection (S3 | 138)


Before summertime just ebbs away from us, take your shoes off. Be blissful for an hour of digital bits and bobs from the most advanced music producers in the world of art pop, electronica, and deep house. Much of this work was released within the past two weeks – so fresh for your ears. For more electronica and house click here: ELECTRONICA & HOUSE SHOWS.

Bubblegum House | A Summertime Collection (S3 | 138)

So. For this show, I am taking my “PJ DJ” responsibilities very seriously. This is, actually DJ Set built with my new DDJ-FLX4. I only wish I could be there, on your side of the radio, to see the pleasure you get from these yummy audio morsels.



Darius “Espoir”


There’s a song for every story
a story for every song.
It’s one thing you can count on in the days that are so long.

Let my soul be of the story
that you piece into a song.
May it tell the world of laughter, of crying, and of wrong.

I will keep on singing,
for that tune gives me the wings.
I will fly across the valleys and the cities that are dreams.

But then I’ll wake up in the morn
and the dreams will be but gone.
Though I will go and tell the world, of the story I made a song.

Bubblegum House | A Summertime Collection – Playlist Coming Soon

For GrantedYaejiWith a Hammer2023
Can I Love You비오 (B.O.) Can I Love You2023
Move Me Frank MoodyMove Me 2023
Don’t Look For MePeter EdgeDon’t Look For Me2023
Got It AllBouncilla & RudenbluntGot It All2023
SituationQwenty & KosaaSituation2023
Show Me the WaySeazons Show Me the Way2023
Red and Green (Blue Lab Beats Remix)Eda ErenRed and Green (Blue Lab Beats Remix)2022
ForeverNight TapesForever2019
If IAguava If I2023
I Wish I Didn’t Love You Louis La RocheLouis La RocheI Wish I Didn’t Love You Louis La Roche2023
ArmsModel ManArms2023
S.O.L. (feat. Olivier St Louis)BibioS.O.L. (feat. Olivier St Louis)2023
I Do (Vandelux Remix)DRAMAI Do (Vandelux Remix)2022

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