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Ease Your Mind (S3 | E121)


No reason for one show when you can make three. Ease your mind. Take your shoes off. Be blissful for an hour of digital bits and bobs from the most advanced music producers in the world of art pop, electronica, and deep house. This is part two of our series. For more electronica and house click here: ELECTRONICA & HOUSE SHOWS.

Ease Your Mind (S3 | E121)

So. For this show I am taking my “PJ DJ” responsibilities very seriously. This is, actually, a real DJ set. With some beat matching and everything. DJ Shadow I am not, but I’ll stand by these selections all day long. I am so very pleased with the way it turned out too. I only wish I could be there, on your side of the radio, to see the pleasure you get from these yummy audio morsels.



Darius “Espoir”


There’s a song for every story
a story for every song.
It’s one thing you can count on in the days that are so long.

Let my soul be of the story
that you piece into a song.
May it tell the world of laughter, of crying, and of wrong.

I will keep on singing,
for that tune gives me the wings.
I will fly across the valleys and the cities that are dreams.

But then I’ll wake up in the morn
and the dreams will be but gone.
Though I will go and tell the world, of the story I made a song.

The Playlist

BillionsCaroline PolachekBillions2022
For GrantedYaejiFor Granted2023
LovestainedHope TalaLovestained2019
HeartbrokenRoss Crouch, LeanbackerGravity2020
On and OnMoon BootsRide Away2023
LazyDune, CrayonDune x Crayon2016
Sensify MeZimmerSensify Me2014
Flea MarketTierra WackWack World2018
What You NeedKAYTRANADABubba2019
No SleepPotatoehead PeopleNick and Astro’s Guide to the Galaxy2018
Ease Your MindDariusOasis2022
Luv is Not EnoughMiami Horror, Forest MortifeeLuv is Not Enough (Remixes)2022
OrsayCatching FliesOrsay2022
In LovePeter PearsonMoonrise2016

For Your Viewing Pleasure

I want to share my appreciation for you. For listening with an open mind. For comments and thoughts. For advice and suggestions. I am very pleased to go on these musical journeys each week knowing you are there to appreciate great music from inspired musicians.

Ease Your Mind with Lester the Nightfly Radio

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DJ and radio personality PJ Ewing is the host of Lester the Nightfly.

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    Wow, I love the art!

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    House music is my favorite!

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