Jonathan Ammons Far From the Hearth

Headspace with Jonathan Ammons (S3 | E118)


Ambient Music with Composer Jonathan Ammons

Composer Jonathan Ammons released an exciting new collection this year and we have the pleasure of hearing him take us through both the tracks and the inspirations behind Far from the Hearth. Calling this one Headspace as that is exactly where this music lives. My advice to you – listen with headphones and listen carefully. It is worth it!

Featuring Jonathan Ammons

Jonathan Ammons is an essayist and journalist, bartender, musician, Southern native, and avid traveler. A contributor to Salon, Mashed, 100 Days in Appalachia, Mountain Xpress, WNC Magazine, Asheville-Citizen Times, Bold Life and Paste Magazine, he also helped open Asheville’s MG Road cocktail lounge, and has worked and staged at Chicago’s Aviary by Grant Achatz, as well as the Bazaar by Jose Andres in Los Angeles. He founded the Dirty Spoon in 2015 with Catherine Campbell, eventually turning it into a radio show. He serves as the show’s producer, co-host, showrunner, scriptwriter, DJ, and audio engineer, and writes some of the original music. Follow his exploits as he eats, drinks, and stumbles his way through his beloved Southern culture on twitter or instagram.

Headspace with Jonathan Ammons (S3 | E118)

Headspace with Jonathan Ammons | Show Playlist

HorizonsTuscaDust Journal2016
Walking HomeJonathan AmmonsFar From the Hearth2023
Fullness of WindBrian EnoDiscreet Music1975
Plucking Every FeatherJonathan AmmonsFar From the Hearth2023
String Quartet No. 3Philip GlassKronos Quartet Performs Philip Glass2005
Hymn to the Sun / AkhnatenPhilip GlassAkhnaten2021
Out Past the ReefJonathan AmmonsFar From the Hearth2023
Spotless MindJohn BrionEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind2004
Look AwayThe Blake BabiesSunburn1990
I am Coming for My ThingsMissy MazzoliVictoire: Cathedral City2010
OlsonThe Boards of CanadaMusic Has the Rights to Children1998
Circling HawksJonathan AmmonsAny Way Your Turn2022

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Headspace with Jonathan Ammons (S3 | E118)

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DJ and radio personality PJ Ewing is the host of Lester the Nightfly.

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  1. julia

    So interesting, really cool. Hadn’t thought o=about how classical composers wrote for “Live audiences” and now they write for streaming and atmosphere.

    1. PJ

      Juliet – I agree – thank you for the thought. Jonathan does such a good job of explaining things. And his 2021 ambient record – is also so so worth hearing!

  2. Dennis Cooper

    A very nice collection

  3. Karissa Chen

    A great story from the artist!

  4. Janice Lu

    Amazing beat to it

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