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Bobby Blows Your Mind (E18)


The best shows come from the minds of others… namely our guests. Tonight, on this episode of LTNF, we have the pleasure of introducing to you a guy with a tremendous love of music. Thankfully not just the music of his college years. Or early career. Or childhood… rather – the music of now. An additional blessing is that Bob Sacks keeps us on our toes and guessing as he weaves through an exotic maze of sounds. Tonight we have for you… Bobby Blows Your Mind on LTNF.

A Creative Mind, A Stunning Playlist

My guest, Bob Sacks, labored over his playlist. Why?

Bob’s taste in music is very broad. His 70 years of listening leaves him with a wealth of music experience, shows, memories. How to choose 12 to 13 tracks for a few of his 15 minutes of fame… and an appearance on Lester the Nighfly?

Three pages of notes, hours of online research, days of self-reflection on the music in his life now in spring 2020, loving the process all the way. I hear all the time that much of the fun of being a guest on the show is the preparation. Bob confirms this with his experience. The result: Bob has a playlist to blow our minds – that you can listen to below – right here – right now on Lester the Nightly E18: Bobby Blows Your Mind.

Indie, Brazilian, a Few Major U.S. Acts

After all the homework, Bob Sacks delivers a fun hour. Some incredibly memorable tuns (sing it loud, sing it proud…. “JA WORKS!!!”). Some sublime brazilian music from Wayne Shorter, CeU, Bebel Gilberto) really caught my attention. And even the haunting Leviathan sticks with me well after we completed our show together.

Listen Here

The Playlist

Tracks included in order of appearance.

SongArtist / AlbumYear
Gay in the SouthSusto / & I’m Fine Today2017
Havana ViejaSusto / & I’m Fine Today2017
Dirty LoveMt. Joy / Dirty Love2018
LeviathanTropidelic / Heavy is the Head2017
IcarusTropidelic / Here in the Heights2018
Miracle of the FishesWayne Shorter / Native Dancer1975
River SongBebel Gilberto2004
Infiel – Ao VivoMarilia Mendonça2016
dorotheaTaylor Swift / evermore2020
DigIncubus / Monuments and Melodies2009
Ja WerxSusto / & I’m Fine Today2017
Playlist: Robert Sacks

A Video for You

Late one night as I was listening to Bobby’s playlist and getting my head in the game for our upcoming show I went down the rabbit hole on Bossa Nova music. Tom Jobim. Jao Gilberto… Vinicio De Morais… and of course Stan Getz and Sergio Mendez.

If you catch the “bossa bug” and want to get in on the action from the 1960’s I have not found a better resource for you than this truly mesmerizing one-hour doc. Click play below to time travel to a moment and a place and a world changing sound…

I want to share my appreciation for you. For listening with an open mind. For comments and thoughts. For advice and suggestions. I am very pleased to go on these musical journeys each week knowing you are there to appreciate stand out music from inspired musicians.

Bobby Blows Your Mind

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DJ and radio personality PJ Ewing is the host of Lester the Nightfly.

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