S1: E3 – Lucky Daye

S1: E3 – Lucky Daye

Yesterday – Saturday November 7 was the best day of 2020. It was our nation’s lucky day. I can think of no better way of celebrating the confirmation of a good new president than to explore the work of a heartwarming, talented, handsome new artist named… wait for it… Lucky Daye.

So it turns out that I “had a reaction” to this 2020 presidential election. After obsessing over it for more than two years, I just could not face MSNBC, The New York Times… reality – on they day of the election and the days afterward. I was so afraid that we were going to make a truly devastating decision to re-elect the current administration. It was more than I “could bear”, and so I tuned out. 

During this time I was more than a bit tense – I’ve never felt this nervous before. And then, in walks the music of this artist, Lucky Daye. I take you through some of his tracks here and, in fact, point you to his fabulous Tiny Desk performance at the end.

You Can Watch Here:

PJDJ on The Lester the Nightfly Show.

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