S1: E2 – Donald Fagen, The Nightfly

S1: E2 – Donald Fagen, The Nightfly

One Song: The Nightfly by Donald Fagen

It’s a quick study but an interesting one I think. We explore the song The Nightfly by Donald Fagen – the namesake for this show in this single-song episode.

Not universally loved – or even that well known. Yet there is a surprising about written about this delightful track. It impressed my from the beginning and remains a favorite of mine to this day.

Shhhhh… here is the whole show… music included.

Really fun to explore it anew.

I relate a bit of my love of radio and then we read the lyrics, listen to this track for 1982, and then explore some of the hidden meanings and truths/falshoods in the song. 

Lastly my thanks to David Goldman and Allen King who we’re so kind to comment about this show on Facebook.

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